Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Study Group

I am really excited, we are starting up a study group in our ward and we will be using the conference talks as our main focus. We will also search the scriptures for whatever the topic is that we will be studying that month. I can't wait to really search and ponder the messages that were given in conference. They were so full of hope and that is what we need today with all of the frustrations and trials that we are facing. It is amazing to me that the Lord always knows what we need to hear. I will be sharing my thoughts and feelings as I get started on this new adventure with the sisters in my ward.

I am also getting ready for our first Leadership training meeting for Relief Society. It is quite scary coming up with things to share with those amazing sisters that serve in the ward Relief Society Presidency. I am the counselor over Home Family and Personal Preparedness so I am going to be sharing ideas on Strengthening Home and Family. If you have any ideas or suggestions that have work for you please share them with me. Our meeting is the end of November so I have a little time to prepare.