Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Where Art Thou"?

“When Adam left Eden, the Lord clothed his body with a garment and his soul with a question. Adam, where art thou?” (More Holiness Give Me, Robert L. Millet)

Adam and Eve lived in this beautiful garden where they were in the presence of God the Father and His Son. I cannot begin to imagine the peace and comfort that was surrounding them and yet Eve knew that there was something missing. Something they needed to do, something they needed to become in order to be complete. Willingly she gave up this beautiful paradise to become a mother.

As Adam and Eve left the garden into the low and dreary world there was a fall. A fall from paradise where life was beautiful, comfortable and peaceful; a fall where the spirit now had to speak with spirit, they no longer were in the presence of the Lord.

We live in this world where Adam and Eve were placed, a world of turmoil and frustration. A world where we are free to choose and knowing the choices we make have consequences. The Lord asks us “Where Art Thou?” Does He not know? Of course He does. He knows us by name He knows us better than we know ourselves; He knows where we are and where we are going. He understands how important it is for us to know where we are. Therefore He asks, “Where Art Thou”?

Aren’t these thoughts on our mind often? Where am I in the eternal scheme of things? What have I done of any good today? What of worth am I going to leave for my children as I leave this mortal existence? “Where Art Thou”, a question that we need to ask ourselves daily. Am I doing what I need to be doing? Am I living the way I need to be living? Am I moving forward or falling behind.

Iwant to know where the Lord knows I am. I want to know what the Lord knows I need to do, to change, to become so I will know where I am.

I want to be His daughter. I want to live as His daughter. I want to return as His daughter worthy to stand in His presence and live with Him someday. Therefore, I am going to ponder this question “Where Art Thou” for a long time to come.