Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tender Mercies of the Lord

Neal A Maxwell
“The Lord teaches us much about Himself through His ‘tender mercies.’ He also teaches us much about that which we may become, as we confront, on our scale, the individual curricula of our lives. His most apt pupils, of course, are the men and women of God. In those instances of record, the Lord has displayed much gentleness and tenderness in His tutoring of such individuals. The pattern usually involves His disclosing more about Himself and about His work, thus expanding the horizons of the person being tutored. He is likewise reassuring and assigns that favored individual a portion of His work, including declaring the gospel, while making special promises. The pattern, though mercifully scaled, is there in the lives of all true disciples.” (Meek and Lowly, p.115.)

Confront, on our scale, the individual curricula of our lives. Where am I on this scale? What does it take to be an apt pupil?
• Man or woman of God
o Willing to take upon us His name and His work
o Willing to be like Him
 Giving of our time, talents and all that we have to the work of the Lord.
• Knowing that we cannot do it without the guidance of the Spirit.

What and how will I be taught?
• He will teach with much gentleness and tenderness
• Disclosing more about Himself
• Disclosing more about His work
• He will be reassuring and give a portion of His work to you
• There is always a special promise

The wonderful thing about the tender mercies of the Lord is that we do not have to be perfect; we must be willing, having a desire, and striving to do the things of the Lord. He has given us through His example here on earth what we must do. He has taught us and given us every needful thing for success. Through His tender mercy we can overcome all and become as He is.