Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Calling

I was recently called to serve in the Stake Relief Society Presidency as the Home, Family, Personal Preparedness Councilor. Our Stake boundaries are huge. The first Ward Conference I went to was 85 miles west of where I live. The second Ward conference is 125 miles east. We have another branch that is 135 miles away, so you can see I will be traveling a lot of miles for my calling. It gives me such a wonderful opportunity to visit with and get to know the sisters that I serve with in this calling.
We had a dinner for our sisters before the Woman’s Conference on Saturday evening. It was amazing to serve and visit with those dear sisters. Then to hear those amazing talks given in the woman’s conference, what a wonderful uplifting evening it was.
Sister Beck counseled us to increase our faith and personal righteousness, to strengthen unity in our homes. Our homes must be a refuge from the evils of the world. We need to be valiant in speaking out about the things that we know are true. We need to serve one another. We need to dedicate ourselves to temple worship and attendance, making it a priority in our lives and attending as often as possible.
Relief Society is the Lords organization for his daughters here on the earth. We must teach one another the gospel. As we all work together in this great organization we will accomplish extraordinary things in our homes, and communities as we prepare ourselves for the second coming of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love Being A Mother

Being a mother as we all know is a 24 hour a day job for 365 days of the year. That never changes even after your children leave home and start families of their own.
Once that baby is placed in your arms, life changes forever. They demand your time, your energy, and every waking hour.
Soon you are no longer known as you! You become Joey’s mom.
I always wanted to be a mother; I remember one Christmas my older sister and I got beautiful baby dolls for Christmas. We played with them and loved them all year long. A few weeks before Christmas the next year our baby dolls disappeared. We were both so sad. On Christmas morning our dolls were under the Christmas tree, sparkly clean, and beautiful with new clothes, blankets and all we needed to care for our babies. That was one of the best Christmas’s I remember. I loved my baby doll then and I still love holding a baby in my arms today. A few years ago my family gave me a baby doll that feels and looks like a real baby. Every now and again you will find me holding and rocking that precious doll. Only because my grandchildren are far away and when I get lonely for them I will give my doll a big hug and think of them.

Getting to know me

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, to name a few, my husband and I have been married for 40 years. We have six wonderful children and 20 grandchildren. My family is one of my most precious gifts. By this introduction you can tell that I have lived several decades. I have had many opportunities to learn parenting skills, although I don’t confess to be anywhere near perfect where motherhood is concerned. I do know that with the knowledge and experiences I have had I would of made some changes. Hopefully I would be a better mother. I am so grateful for all of the Sharing Heart that have taken the time to share with me and teach and help me when I needed help.
If wisdom comes with age I should have a lot. I don’t know how true that statement is but I have been blessed with many experiences and opportunities that have helped me become who I am today. I am no different than you; I just want to share some of the things that I know to be true. I believe in God! I know that everything comes from God! I know that He loves us and cares about us. I have been led by Him; I have gained knowledge from His Spirit as I have taken time to listen to that still small voice. I know that my Savior knows me by name and that He wants me to be happy and find joy in life. Only through Him can I have peace in my heart. I hope that I can help each of you find that peace in your own heart.

Welcome to My Sharing Heart

It is so great to have you here and I hope that you enjoy the time you spend with
A Sharing Heart!
We all know that life is hard. Even at the best of times we have a hard time balancing out our everyday activities and by the end of the day coming out on top.
With A Sharing Heart it is my hope that, sharing together, we will be able to lift the soul, strengthen the weak and learn how to find true joy and happiness in our daily lives, even when the hard times come.
I know through my own life experiences that I can't do it alone; I need my family and friends! They give me strengthen and the courage I need to just keep going. I will share with you my thoughts sometimes my feelings and things I have learned throughout my life and I hope that you will take time to share yours as well.
Together we can learn what brings happiness into our lives. We can share the joys of living and learn how to turn the negative things of life into learning and happy experiences.