Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another word that is important to me is


I want to know what I must do to BECOME a daughter of God worthy to return home to His presence.
As I look up the word BECOME in the scriptures I find we must


As little children
Truly humble
Obedient unto death

As we BECOME as a little child - putting our complete trust in the Lord
We will BECOME truly humble - willing to listen and respond to the Spirit
We will BECOME mighty - as we are taught and guided toward the Lord
We will BECOME obedient - in all things receiving strength and courage unto death
We will BECOME sweet – our hearts softened and willing to love unconditionally
We will BECOME great – our example worthy to be followed
We will BECOME strong – receiving power from on high
We will BECOME new – wanting to be like our Savior always doing the will of our Father in Heaven
We will BECOME sanctified- clean and pure before God

Then our greatest desire will be to share what we know and have with others and we will


A righteous people
A blessed people
People of the Lord thy God
Servants to God
Daughters of God
Sisters in Zion
Heirs of the kingdom

Accountable before me