Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Hearts Knit as One

I had a wonderful afternoon with our Study Group. We learned from each other and had such a wonderful uplifting experience. We cried a little and laughed a lot!

We talked about the conference talk “Our hearts Knit As One”, given by President Henry B. Eyring. (click)

I love that we are doing ok with our unity but also know as President Eyring stated, “but that the great day of unity is coming. The need for that gift to be granted to us and the challenge to maintain it will grow greater in the days ahead. We must seek it and qualify for it with others.” Unity is something that we need to work on with others it cannot be done alone. Especially in our homes with our spouses, children and those that we hold dear to our hearts so that love for each other and for our Savior will grow, that we will become one in heart. “We must seek it, pray and work for the unity that will bring us joy and multiply our power to serve.” We talked about our hearts becoming soft and pliable willing to humble ourselves and accepting and praying for the Atonement in our lives as we make the changes necessary to become united. The knowledge that we need to become as one comes to us because of the atonement and our willingness to become like our Savior and loving each other as Christ loves us.

President Eyring talks about the importance of being a “skillful peacemaker who calm troubled waters before harm is done.” This is a spiritual gift that is given to some people, for all of us we need to work at becoming a peacemaker. A peacemaker “is the restorer of unity, is the one who finds a way to help people see the truth they share.” We must pray for the ability to become a peacemaker.

We talked about the importance of receiving personal revelation, through revelation we are taught truth in all things and guided by the Spirit to overcome weakness. With revelation we gain the strength and power to be united. The Spirit will magnify our knowledge and that knowledge becomes pure truth.

We also shared experiences and thoughts about speaking well of each other. President Eyring said,” As we get better and better at forging unity, we will think of a scripture when we hear that question: “And now, my brethren, seeing that ye know the light by which ye may judge, which light is the light of Christ, see that ye do not judge wrongfully: for with that same judgment which ye judge ye shall be judged.”

The miracle of unity lies in the hearts of the people, as our hearts knit together in unity with our Savior we will become magnified in power to overcome the world. When testimony about the Savior is borne, the Holy Ghost verifies it. When the Spirit is felt hearts are knit together. The miracle of unity lies in the hearts of the people, as our hearts knit together in unity with our Savior we will become magnified in power to overcome the world and become one with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gratitude tree

I love this time of year as the holidays begin. November always starts me thinking of all that I have to be grateful for. It is a time for me to share this gratitude with those I love.
I am putting this post in early because I want to share with you one of my sisters traditions. On the first Monday night of November they have a lesson on gratitude. For the activity they make a huge tree on one of the walls in their family room. They twist brown paper to look like a tree trunk and put it up on their wall. Then they add the twisted limbs. It is close to 6 feet tall. She has a basket filled to the brim with paper leaves. That first Monday night her family adds the first gratitude leaves to the tree. They continue to add to it all month long. Everyone that comes to her home can add leaves to the Gratitude tree. What a wonderful visual this would be for your children to see and add to. It would definitely be a constant reminder of the importance of gratitude in their life. If you make this tree to share with your family you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like. It could take a lot of time or just a little time depending on what you want to do. As simple as it may be the impact will be huge on your family and friends. Share with us your expressions of gratitude to those you love.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Vote YES on Proposition 8

In the beginning there was Adam and Eve. It started out with husband and wife and that is the way it should be today. Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God. “The spirit and influence of wives and mothers make our homes places where we are surrounded by peace and love and protected from the contention, temptation, and opposition of the world.” (Daughters of God, by S. Michael Wilcox, P. 7) As mothers we bring children into the world through birth and from that point on our lives are centered on our children. As a woman we all have the characteristic and attributes that come from being a mother. Mothers play a very important part in the lives of the children in their homes.
Father’s presides over the home with his wife by his side. President Gordon B. Hinckley has taught: “In this Church the man neither walks ahead of his wife nor behind his wife but at her side. They are coequals.” (Conference Report, Oct. 1996, 68; or Ensign, Nov. 1996, 49). Husband and wife are united in all things as they lead, guide and direct their families
All children should have the opportunity of being a part of a family unit where there is a mother and a father. Each brings something different and unique to the marriage and family unit. We need the strength and the power that comes from the husband and the nurturing that comes from the mother. We need to do all that we can to protect this family unit by voting no for Proposition 8.

Take a minute and check out this video

Friday, October 17, 2008

Colors of Fall

I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful fall colors of the mid west. Although it is not possible to completely capture the beautiful colors of nature on film but I hope you enjoy what I was able to get.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Study Group

I am really excited, we are starting up a study group in our ward and we will be using the conference talks as our main focus. We will also search the scriptures for whatever the topic is that we will be studying that month. I can't wait to really search and ponder the messages that were given in conference. They were so full of hope and that is what we need today with all of the frustrations and trials that we are facing. It is amazing to me that the Lord always knows what we need to hear. I will be sharing my thoughts and feelings as I get started on this new adventure with the sisters in my ward.

I am also getting ready for our first Leadership training meeting for Relief Society. It is quite scary coming up with things to share with those amazing sisters that serve in the ward Relief Society Presidency. I am the counselor over Home Family and Personal Preparedness so I am going to be sharing ideas on Strengthening Home and Family. If you have any ideas or suggestions that have work for you please share them with me. Our meeting is the end of November so I have a little time to prepare.