Friday, November 7, 2008

I Lived In Heaven

There is a song that the children sing in Primary, this is our youth church group that meets on Sunday for two hours, the words are:

I lived in Heaven a long time ago it is true
Lived there and loved there with people I know so did you
Then Heavenly Father presented a beautiful plan
All about earth and eternal salvation for man.

Father said he needed someone who had enough love
To give his life so we all could return there above
There was another who sought for the honor divine
Jesus said “Father send me and the glory be thine”.

Jesus was chosen and as the Messiah he came,
Conquering evil and death through his glorious name
Giving us hope of a wonderful life yet to be
Home in that Heaven where Father is waiting for me.

I love this song, I love the message of hope that it gives to each of us for a happier more glorious life after our mortal existence. It also teaches us that there was a war in heaven and that war with Satin is still raging here on the earth and will be until the Savior comes again. My daughter in law shared an experience with me that really touched my heart. She is a teacher for autistic children and has some amazing experiences because of this. She was talking to one of the mothers of one of her highly autistic students, the mother related a remarkable story. When her 8 year old daughter was younger she had a dream about her autistic brother. In her dream, her brother was in a war in Heaven. He was on the front line of the war and he was injured in the war. He was sent to earth with his injury and with angels to protect him while he was here.
She also told me that she has a nephew with hydrocephalus and is mentally disabled. He will tell his mom he wants to go home and she will say, "we are home." and he will look up into the sky and say, "I am not home yet, there is my home." He also talks about playing with the boy in my class who is his cousin, even though they have only met a couple of times. He talks about playing with him as though they have tons of memories together and he also says, "me and (boy in my class) are the princes of the family"

This is just a story to this mother but it is truth to me. These wonderful children are sent here on earth with a protection from the tempting of Satin, they proved themselves worthy in heaven to receive eternal life. They will return to Heavenly Father clean and pure, they only had to come to the earth to receive their body. How blessed we are to have these choice spirits in our lives, to love them and to protect them. We gain so much more from them because of the great love that they have within.